Our Team

Dr. Cesar Parra

Olympic dressage rider and founder of Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage (formally Piaffe-Performance), Dr. Cesar Parra believes in creating international bridges for talent and learning, where energy and passion between instructors and students fuels a higher level for the job of training both riders and horses. Contact: drcesarparra@msn.com

Stacy Brass

Stacy Brass brings 18 years of professional riding, teaching & training to the Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage (formally Piaffe-Performance) Team. Stacy has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold Medals and has successfully run her own training business for most of her career. She has trained and competed on multiple horses at every level from Training through Grand Prix. Stacy has competed in Regional, National and International levels of competition in CDI’s.

Stacy has equal experience teaching riders. She has come alongside them, helping them to realize their dreams of competing in Regional and National competitions as well as helping them to achieve their USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. Stacy employs a kind, encouraging, fair approach with the horses and riders that she works with, creating a positive learning environment.

Rory Fagan

Rory comes to the Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage (formally Piaffe-Performance) team from the jumper world. She herself owns a top jumper, Rio who is currently excelling in the program here at Performance Farms. Rio came to Rory as a talented, brave jumper, but was difficult for her to ride through the jumping course, costing them precious time points. Rory has supplemented Rio’s jumping program with dressage lessons and has seen impressive results. She feels that Rio has become much easier for her to ride on the flat, thus improving their jumping performance drastically.

Rory is a top groom for the horses, using her kindness, care, great time management skills and attention to detail with each horse to keep the horses looking their best. She is reliable and committed, making her a very important part of the successful team.

Kyle Fernald

Originally from New Hampshire, Kyle’s success started with showing friesians. In 2015 he received the Horse of the year award and many championships. After that, Kyle’s passion for the horses and desire to become a better rider and personal goals to be able to ride and train horses to Grand Prix lead him to Performance Farms. Kyle enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge that he has learned at Performance Farms and seeing the clients improving and achieving their goals.

Kyle also serves as an excellent coach for the Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage (formally Piaffe-Performance) Team. He enjoys an easy, positive relationship with the riders that he teaches, reinforcing the true fundamentals of classical riding in his lessons. He is very passionate about teaching the training scale effectively and embraces all of the steps along the journey to the top. “I think the true success of a trainer is not alone in if they can make a horse but if they can also produce a better equestrians.”

Rodrigo Encinas Fuentes

A Spanish citizen, Rodrigo came to the United States to ride for some of the top trainers in the world.  After enjoying tenures with Juan Matute and Castilla, Rodrigo joined the Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage (formally Piaffe-Performance) Team and has proven himself to be a talented up and coming star with many impressive competitive successes.

In addition to enjoying various victories aboard several top horses, Rodrigo also provides quality instruction to the riders at Dr. Cesar Parra Dressage (formally Piaffe-Performance).  Known for his easy going personality and good humor, he is embraced by the riders as a valuable coach who teaches the successful system that has made him the rider and horseman that he is today.  He employs patience, encouragement and passion into his work with coaching and has helped several riders move up the levels through his assistance.

Jen Mandracia

Jen Mandracia. Chief Horse Care Professional. Jen joined the performance farm team in January of 2002, and is a Master of horse care. She is Cesar’s right hand when it comes to the care, health and presentation of his top horses.

Jen is truly one of the finest grooms in the world, having assisted Cesar in numerous large international events. Her love and care that she offers to each horse is lovely to see and her attention to detail is commendable. She is a quiet leader for the team with her knowledge, wisdom and encouragement.

Chris Penola

Farrier on the team for over 10 years