Dr. Cesar Parra Heads to 2023 Festival of Champions With Four Horses, 34th Invitation Since 2010

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Olympic rider and Pan American Team Gold Medalist, Dr. Cesar Parra and his team are bringing four horses to the Festival of Champions, with two of them ridden by Dr. Parra himself and the other two ridden by Sven Smienk.

Invited with 34 Horses

Parra, who became a proud American in 2009, has been invited to the Festival of Champions every year since then. In 2010 won his first National Championship on Lori Washton’s “Olympia” and has since received over 34 invitations to compete from young horses to Grand Prix.

Parra will compete in this year’s Festival of Champions riding in the 7-year-olds with “Mollegardens Fashion” partnered with Olivia Pilch and will be riding Developing PSG with “Fanta 4” partnered with Gina Raful.

Riding and Working with the Top

Cesar Parra has had the opportunity to train with some amazing coaches throughout his career. He credits Herbert Rehbein, Peilicke, Herbert Kuckluck, Siegfried Peilicke, Hans Rueben, Hubertus Schmidt, Dr. Volker Moritz, and Anne Gribbons for shaping him into the person, trainer, and rider he is today. He also appreciates the input he receives from national coaches Christine Traurig and Charlotte Bredahl, who have helped him immensely.
Parra has had an impressive career as a trainer and rider, with hundreds of wins in international competitions and a track record of producing multiple champions. He has trained over 30 horses from a young age to FEI and has coached numerous riders to success at various events, including the North American Young Rider Championships, Regional championships the US National Dressage Championships, the United States Young Horse Championships, and the Pan American Games. Parra’s achievements as a coach are truly remarkable, and his dedication to his clients is evident in the many medals and championships that he has helped them earn.

Building the Future

The quality of horses Parra has come into contact with is becoming higher and higher every year, and not only has high-quality horses, but he also has multiple talented riders as part of his team. One of them is Sven Smienk.
“I am extremely proud of Sven and do believe he will be a national champion this year. He has been a strong asset to our team and has quite a bright future ahead of him” says Parra. Smienk will be making his debut with two horses, “Superior” an outstanding 5-year-old owned by Marcela & Cesar Parra, and a spectacular 6-year-old “Fontenay” partnered with Gina Raful.

“It is always an honor and a blessing to be selected for the National Championships. I would love to thank Gina Raful and Olivia Pilch for giving us the opportunity to train and compete with your talented horses. Not only that but also for your unconditional love and support throughout this journey,” says Parra.

Personalized Training

Cesar is proud to offer a personalized program for training horses and riders. He provides access to his top-class horses, which allows his clients to learn and progress significantly in their training. Cesar is committed to his team’s success by emphasizing the importance of building a strong team between the rider, horse, trainer, facility, and other professionals, such as veterinarians and farriers.
Out of the four horses, three of them have already become #1 in the Nation. “Fontenay” became National Champion in four-year-olds, “Mollegardens Fashion” became National Champion in six-year-olds, and “Fanta 4” is a two-time National Champion.

— press release

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