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Piaffe Perfromance WEllington

Wellington, FL (April 18, 2013) – Dr. Cesar Parra, owner of Piaffe Performance Farms was proud to present the Piaffe Performance Adult Amateur Achievement Award during Wellington Nations Cup CDI 3* to the man who originally inspired the award, John McGinty. John was chosen by an independent committee but Parra was very pleased have one of his own Piaffe Performance Team members recognized. Parra explained that there is nobody who deserves the award more than McGinty. “I think John is one of the biggest fans of our sport that I know,” Parra said. “He loves dressage. He breathes dressage. He’s all about dressage. Really, it’s amazing to see how hard he works and all the enthusiasm he puts into it,” Parra added. McGinty proved himself worthy of the award many times over during the past few months, racking up win after win throughout the 2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Florida. Then, he topped off his amazing season at the Nations Cup where he and his horse, Playboy, rode into first place in the FEI Prix St Georges Adult Amateur class with a score of 61.447%.

McGinty was pleasantly surprised by winning the Piaffe Performance Adult Amateur award. “I’m just so grateful,” he commented, “I’m so amazed and I’m so happy!” He continued, “My goals seem to be coming along and I’m doing better and better, but I didn’t do this on my own. My horse is wonderful and my team is wonderful – and it does take a team to do this!” McGinty acknowledged and described the Piaffe Performance Team who he feels is responsible for his recent success, “There is Dr. Parra and his wife, Marcella, through whose help I was able to get my horse, Playboy, and then there is my wonderful coach, Katie Riley, and our barn manager, Jen Mandracia, and then there are Laura and Samantha who send Playboy into the ring looking his very best!”

McGinty said that he plans to finish the season with Playboy, his 16-year-old Dutch Warmblood by Jet Set D, in the Prix St Georges, and then determine their goals for the higher levels during the summer. In addition to being a dressage rider, McGinty is also involved in the hunter/jumper circuit as an FEI judge for jumpers, hunter equitation and hunter breeder divisions. However, he is still continuing to push the equestrian sports envelope by being a strong advocate for Adult Amateur dressage, and along with other people from Europe, he is putting forth an effort to get Adult Amateurs their own division on the international level.

It is this type of encouragement for Adult Amateur riders that Parra hopes to continue to inspire with the Piaffe Performance Award. Designed to recognize exceptional performances by adult amateurs, the Piaffe Performance Adult Amateur High Performance Award was given out each week of the 2013 Global Dressage Festival. “Adult amateurs are the backbone of our sport,” comments Parra. “My team is made up of a number of young riders and adult amateurs, and their dedication to the sport and their horses is undeniable. I am proud to be able to recognize adult amateurs and their achievements on the AGDF circuit in this way.”

Photo: From right to left, Katie Riley, Samantha Rand, Dr. Cesar Parra, John McGinty, Jen Mandracia, Laura Pradells, and Marcella Oritiz Parra at the 2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival Nations Cup CDI. Photo courtesy of JRPR—no photo credit necessary.

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